KARTA was founded on 4 January 1982. After almost eight years of underground activity, with the establishment of the Third Republic of Poland it has started to operate legally; since 2004 – as a public benefit organization. The KARTA Centre understands public benefit as solidarity work on historical memory – in the name of civic community and the human rights it fought for, for every individual.

40 years of the KARTA

KARTA has been active since 4 January 1982. 40 years ago it was founded in opposition to communism, defending Solidarity (without commas). 38 years ago it tested its method (individual testimonies, testimonial montages, oral history). 35 years ago it created the first (Eastern) Archive. 33 years ago it was legalised. 31 years ago it founded the KARTA Centre, a non-fiction publishing house, and “Karta”, a historical magazine. 30 years ago it started to cooperate with Memorial documenting Soviet repressions, including the Katyn Massacre. 28 years ago it initiated Polish-Ukrainian dialogue on the past. 26 years ago it took up nationwide historical education. 21 years ago it began to build the Holocaust testimonies canon. 18 years ago it launched the pioneering Oral History Archive, and two years later – the History Meeting House [in Polish: Dom Spotkań z Historią]. 15 years ago it perfected the methodology of documenting the repressions of the Third Reich using names.10 years ago it established social archives as a field of public life. 4 years ago it described the centenary of Polish independence. 3 years ago it initiated the Eastern House [in Polish: Dom Wschodni], and a year later – the Centre for Social Archival Studies. Soon, The Century of Women shall be announced.


Anne Applebaum
Czesław Bielecki
Andrzej Budek
Max Cegielski
Jarosław Chołodecki
Sylwia Chutnik
Piotr M.A. Cywiński
Justyna Czechowska
Maciej J. Drygas
Antoni Dudek
Anna Dziewit-Meller
Katarzyna Grochola
Władysław Grochowski
Magdalena Grzebałkowska
Agnieszka Holland
Wojciech Jagielski
Maja Komorowska
Tomasz Lipiński
Cezary Łazarewicz
Piotr Niemczyk
Małgorzata Niezabitowska
Janina Ochojska
Piotr Odrzywołek
o. Wacław Oszajca
Bartosz Panek
Piotr Piniński
Adam Daniel Rotfeld
Paula Sawicka
Andrzej Seweryn
Wojciech Stanisławski
Jacek Stawiski
Małgorzata Szejnert
Wojciech Szot
Marian Turski
Agata Tuszyńska
Bartosz Węglarczyk
Bartosz T. Wieliński
Rafał Wnuk
Krystyna Zachwatowicz-Wajda
Piotr Zychowicz


Partner in the celebrations


KARTA has been in existence since 4 January 1982; it will undertake activities related to its 40th Anniversary from January to June 2022, when a series of events will be held to summarise its activities to date:

  • 40 years of KARTA – January – launch of a publication presenting our activities in successive years, the basic data about the Centre as well as speeches by 40 Ambassadors and 18 Partners of the 40th Anniversary
  • 40 Anniversary Exhibition – January – opening of the exhibition at the Centre’s headquarters at Narbutta Street in Warsaw, announcement of anniversary events, upcoming releases of book publications and a movie, open day for the media
  • The KARTY Award – 31 January – deadline for submitting candidates for the 3rd KARTA Award
  • Rebellions in the Gulag camps – 3 February – launch of a book containing testimonies of Polish prisoners of Soviet Gulag camps, from the collections of the Eastern Archives
  • „Karta” 110 – February – publication of “Karta” issue with a message for 2022: KARTA ‘22, as well as the announcement of the fifth decade of the Centre
  • The Women’s day – 8 March – at the offices of the Day’s partners – launch of “The Century of Women”, a book containing dozens of testimonies of women from the depths of patriarchy in the 20th/21st century
  • The Eastern Day– April – proclamation of the Eastern House Declaration, heralding grassroots Polish-Ukrainian-Belarusian-Russian cooperation; Foundation Act of the Eastern House in Mordy; inauguration in Warsaw of the work of the international coalition
  • Decisions of „Bór” – April – launch of Tadeusz Komorowski’s (auto)biography as a cavalryman, an Olympic athlete, a commander, a leader, a prime minister
  • Precursors – April – launch of a book presenting twenty people connected with Poland, whose ideas gained universal significance
  • The American Day – May – at the POLIN Museum – under the patronage of the Embassy of the United States, dedicated to the centenary of Polish-American relations, with an emphasis on US support for Polish independence and democracy
  • Polacy na Wschodzie – May – launch of a two-volume book with numerous testimonies of people who stayed behind the eastern border after World War II
  • The German Day– June – the German Historical Institute – Polish-German relations in the last four decades in the context of the 20th century
  • The French Day – July
  • Dzień Edukacji Historycznej – September – proclamation of a coalition for non-ideological education, deriving its methodology from the “Close History” [„Historia Bliska” ] program and the rules of the EUSTORY network
  • The Jewish Day– October – POLIN Museum – a summary of Polish-Jewish relations in the 20th century in the context of the growing contemporary anti-Semitism
  • The KARTA Gala – October/November – the date will depend on the pandemic situation – an anniversary meeting of several hundred collaborators and allies of the Centre, launch of a documentary movie, presentation of the 3rd KARTA Award for activities promoting historical memory serving the civic community

Due to the pandemic situation, the dates of events are subject to change.




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